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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Ediţia nr.1 din 2007  

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  Rezumat:  Contributions to the Study of the Settlements’ Repartition in the Braşov Depression. The repartition of the settlements in the Braşov Depression has as main directive the relief and the hydrography. Most of them are contact settlements, disposed along two alignments: the first one at the contact between the high fields and the mountain area, and the second one, in between the higher or lower fields and the meadows of the main rivers, The Olt and The Râu Negru. The human-geographical features favored the apparition of some settlements too, on the dried up lands, on the place of some former temporarily agricultural settlements, or close to some industrial units. The highest development have had the settlements on the limit of the depression because, near by the better geomorphologic, hydrographic and climatic conditions, they have benefited the possibility to complementary turn to good account the resources of the two areas, the woods, the pastures and the hays from the mountain area and the agricultural lands from the depressionary one. For the settlements in the lower median alignment the differences are introduced by some human geographical features such as building in these settlements some industrial units to capitalize the local resources and taking benefits of the position on some main roads or railroads or in the close proximity of urban centers. Only a few settlements are situated besides these two alignments, especially on the valleys traversing the depression’s fields.  
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