Articolele sunt recenzate de către 2 recenzori din afara Universităţii Babeş-Bolyai, care completează un formular de recenzie standard. Sugestiile acestora sunt trimise autorului, pentru eventuale modificări. Recenzorii nu cunosc numele autorului, la fel cum autorul nu cunoaşte numele recenzorilor (double blind review system).  


Paper title:

Author(s): Anonymous for the reviewer

Referee’s comments:

Suggestions to the referee:

Answer the 4 questions below,
Briefly state your version of the contribution being made, and
Indicate the author any corrections which should be made and describe how the paper can be improved with revisions or rewriting

Question no. 1. Does the Introduction state the purpose of the paper?

Question no. 2. Is the significance of the paper explained relative to previous work?
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Review Form
Question no. 3. Is the paper clearly written and well organized?
Question no. 4. Does the paper make a tangible contribution to the state of the art in its field?

Suggestions for improving the paper:
Minor suggestions:
Final recommendation (please choose between the variants below):
1. To be published as such
2. To be published only when the above-mentioned recommendations are implemented
3. Not to be published, the article needs to be extensively re-written before being submitted again.