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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Ediţia nr.2 din 2005  

  Rezumat:  Orthodoxy in America: The Radiography of a complex problem. On September 24, 1794, monks from Valaam Monastery landed on Kodiak Island; since that time, the Orthodox Divine Liturgy has never ceased to be celebrated in North America. The Orthodox missionaries came to Alaska with an authentic missionary commitment. They came to preach the Good News of Christ. The immigration of Orthodox peoples in North America opened another dimension for Orthodoxy in America. As immigrants, they came to the New World, searching for opportunity and freedom, for a better life. They established parishes across the continent. Many Orthodox Churches, which have faithful in America have organized here their own jurisdictions (first, the individual separated parishes that were later united into dioceses) with a purpose to minister to the religious needs of the corresponding ethnic communities of immigrants from the Old World. Although Orthodoxy came to America from many different nations and land and in spite of lack of jurisdictional unity, the Orthodox faithful are united through the same Creed. This unity of Faith crosses all jurisdictional, political, ethnical and any other barriers, which can divide peoples, because its power does not come from men or the world, but from the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God Father, and communion of the Holy Spirit. In this grace and communion of love, every Orthodox Church needs all the other Orthodox Churches, each one with its own gift, to fulfill the togetherness of the unique Body of Christ. Our paper is an attempt to express historical development of Orthodoxy in America, his problems and, in the same time, the strength and unity of Orthodoxy in North America in her diversity and varied expressions.  
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