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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA CATHOLICA - Ediţia nr.3 din 2006  

  Rezumat:  Mary, the servante of the Lord. The mankind has made wonderful discoveries and has obtained unbelievable results in the areas of science and technique, has done great things on the road of progress and civilization, and lately, we may say, has managed to accelerate the course of history; yet the fundamental transformation, one that we may call „from origins”, is always joining the human destiny, and, through all the historical events, joins all and everyone in particular. It is passing from „fall” to „resurrection”, from death to life. It is a restless challenge of the human consciences, a challenge of the whole historical conscience of man: the challenge to follow, in the old and always new way, the road „without falling” and the road of „resurrecting” in case of falling. While the Church, together with the whole mankind, receives, along with the community of those who believe and in union with every man of good will, the great challenge contained in the words of Marian antiphon about the „people that falls and wants to resurrect”, at the same time It orients itself towards the Redeemer and His Mother, praying „Come unto our aid!” Truly the Church sees Our Lady in the redeeming Mystery of Christ and in Her own mystery; deeply rooted in the history of mankind, in the eternal call of man according to the plan which God in His Providence has established from eternity; sees and feels Her maternal presence and Her participation to the numerous problems connected to the life of individuals, of families and nations from nowadays; perceives Her as helper of the Christian people in his restless battle between good and evil, protecting the flock from falling, and if fallen, helping the people raise again to the dignity of son of God, and re-establishing the relation with God.  
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