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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA CATHOLICA - Ediţia nr.1 din 2007  

Autori:  BODÓ MARTA.
  Rezumat:  Theatre in the perspective of Jesuit pedagogy. When thinking about the history of Christian education, the Jesuit educational system comes to anyone’s mind among the firsts because of its reputation, wild-spread character and most of all because of its tremendous effectiveness. In the colleges of the Jesuits not only did pupils learn basic knowledge to be able to survive, nor did they just learn to master Latin and Greek, recognize famous authors, but they became conscientious citizens and Christians with a firm faith, a firm connection to God and as a result, with a vivid social engagemant. So those who had left a Jesuit educational institution were not only able to do well in society, but had all the instruments necessary to become leaders of opinion of their time – and they actually did so. One of the educational methods of the Jesuit institutions was theatre. In this paper Ratio studiorum, the main educational methodological guide of the Jesuits is presented, and some of the rules of it are presented from the perspective of what they tell the teachers of the different classes about school performances and the pupils taking part in such activities. When thinking of effective educational models today, it is important to take a good look to all that those Jesuit institutions did, learn and apply as much as possible.  
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