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    STUDIA EPHEMERIDES - Ediţia nr.1 din 2001  

  Rezumat:  Subsistence into indifference. During the time, along with the specialization of our tools of investigation - in the conquest for "real" information, there have been many occasions in which scientists were focused on the people as statistical units and not as human beings.Such mistakes, can provide a variety of conclusions that are not - in most of the cases - emerging from life-world, but are made in the "scientists" offices. In our studies on rural communities the surveys were designed to avoid this type of error, and "forget" (at least for a while) all the statements that have been produced about our rurality from macro perspectives, and take in consideration what people feel, how they interact, if they are able to develop themselves from inside etc. – explore the micro-level of day-to-day life in rural mountains communities. We wanted to find out if the essential element of rural development - "the desire" is a common goal (or not) inside the mountain communities.In our study, we discovered something that in macro-analyzes cannot be comprehensive, that is: "the indifference" took the place of "the desire" for development. In this case, which is not a singular one, all the measures for improvement of the quality of life, must start with the understanding of this concept, followed by the conversion of "the indifference" in "desire", and after that, with solutions at the problems that arise within macro-approaches (lack of jobs, low level of production of the soil, lack of infrastructures etc.)  
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