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    STUDIA EDUCATIO ARTIS GYMNASTICAE - Ediţia nr.4 din 2012  

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  Rezumat:  In this paper we would like to introduce and use in practice a new approach of research, namely the positive approach, which has roots stem from the fields of psychology, but it is a new approach in other social sciences, such as sociology, educational sciences etc. The positive approach emphasizes the relevance of protective factors, which contributes to students’ well-being. In this paper we present the significance and theory of positive approach in the sociology of education by emphasizing the role of protective factors, especially sports, which contribute to young people’s health behaviour and well-being. However the sports can also be a risk factor, therefore we think it is important to present the both side: in the literature we can find examples of that sport can be a protective and a risk factor. In our research we would like to examine the relationships between sport and unhealthier behaviour (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse). Can the sport be a protective factor against the unhealthier behaviour or it is a risk factor in the life of students at the University of Debrecen? How sports can contributes to the well-being of students? For testing this questions we used the database of Campus-life research (N=4189). In the first part of the study we present the roots and significance of positive approach in sociology of education and the earlier research results, which examine the link between sports and wellbeing and health as a part of it. In the second part we introduce the results of our research. According to our results we identified regular sporting as a protective factor against smoking and heavy drinking, because the sport is clearly reduces the incidence of smoking and heavy drinking rates, however, there was no significance correlation in the last case, such as in the cases of alcohol and drug abuse. Thus, regular physical activity does not just have a positive effect on health of the students, but also their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Keywords: psychology, sport, sociology, education, health
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