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    STUDIA EDUCATIO ARTIS GYMNASTICAE - Ediţia nr.4 din 2008  

  Rezumat:   Leisure or competition? What we know. We call leisure the activity performed besides the usual activity (job, housekeeping, children’s education…) We can call it “spare time”. This spare time is usually dedicated to activities non-productive from macro-economic point of view, namely to playing or cultural activities: do-it-yourself, gardening, sports, entertainment... fact that generates a semantic sliding towards this latest term, up to the point in which a distinction was created between sports and leisure.( The masters’ competitions, in comparison with the young seniors’ competitions, are based on a different motivation and on a joining level proper to the physiological and functional parameters of the age parameters, but from psychological point of view the competition is a challenge and contributes to the accentuation of some personality The Greeks were victorious...and the conquerors with weapons are the conquerors of the later Olympic Games, and the Olympian Gods transformed the conquerors in heroes... The story was continued by Pierrre de Coubertin and nowadays we carry on, ageless, this message and we meet under the protection of their spirit…

Keywords: leisure; competition; world championship – athletics master
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