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    STUDIA EDUCATIO ARTIS GYMNASTICAE - Ediţia nr.1 din 2008  

  Rezumat:  Traditional Sport Activities in Bethlen Gábor High School Aiud. One of the most important and interesting events in our high school are the yearly sport activities at the end of each school year. This event which is a celebration of the whole school, attracts many people from the town, mostly parents, grandparents, and friends who come to sustain their relatives and friends: the students and teachers from the high school. The students manipulate different apparatuses (ribbons, hoops, silk scarves, balloons, pompons) and execute free exercises on music. All these shape their moral and physical abilities and cultivate their aesthetic taste. These activities give a chance to those students who are not so talented in this area, to prove the contrary and perform with the others the learnt exercises for the delight and happiness of their parents, relatives and friends. All the students from the school are mobilized at least a month or sometimes more than a month with the preparations for the great event. From the nursery school teachers to high school teachers everybody tries to work together with the students for preparing short demonstrations which are always a great surprise for the spectators gathered in the beautiful school garden. Since 1890 these kind of events are held in our school every year. At the beginning they were real competitions and tournaments. Nowadays the severe rules of the competitions are not any more alive, it remained only the artistic side of the sport activities. The exercises are performed on different kind of music, each year more rhythmical following the new trends. Even the color of their costumes is chosen together in order to make more attractive the event. The common exercises are followed by different activities, such as acrobatic gymnastics, running and demonstrative matches, usually football or baseball.  
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