The Theologia Reformata Transylvanica series of the Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai journal is published by Babeş-Bolyai University’s Faculty of Reformed Theology and Music. The journal publishes scholarly articles semi-annually in the field of theology and cognate disciplines since 2001. During the first eight years after its establishment, the two issues were edited in one yearly collective volume. Since 2009, the semi-annual issues are published in two individual volumes in June and December.

The journal compiles scientific studies, scholarly articles, and book reviews, that are catalogued according to their specific domain. A significant amount of articles is published in a number of foreign languages accessible to a wide array of international readers. Each entry has an English abstract and minimum 5 keywords.

The structure of the journal is jointed on the studies and articles, books and reviews, grouped by domains

The journal encompasses academic works from the fundamental fields of theology, such as biblical theology, dogmatics, ethics, liturgical studies, patristics, catechesis, Christian art, philosophy of religion, church history, church music, hymnology, etc. On the other hand, we offer a platform for quality interdisciplinary studies as well. Following the good practices of other prestigious publications, we provide a special section for presenting book reviews thus contributing to the dissemination of the most notable new releases in the field of theology.

Articles are published in English, German, Hungarian. 66% of the authors are from abroad.