The review process is structured on two levels. The first screening is ensured by the executive editors who will desk reject any paper which does not fulfill the journal standards. The papers which pass the preliminary screening are submitted to a double blind peer review process. The reviewers have to fill up a review standard form. Their suggestions are sent to the author, for further changes. The reviewers are not aware of the authors’ names, as well as the authors don’t have the information regarding reviewers’ names.


            Reviewers’ Guidelines for Studia UBB. Negotia papers

            Please asses the paper/ papers sent to you for evaluation using the following form:


Assessed aspects

Points/ Note


The title, abstract and paper content are correlated



The abstract represents an accurate briefing of the paper content and (if considered necessary) of the conclusions



The conclusions are in the same line with the themes/ problems announced within the title, abstract and within the body of the paper



The paper includes a good literature review in the researched field



The papers’ contribution to the business administration and business economics research field is important and/ or original through the themes/ problems discussed within the paper



The information used within the paper comes from reliable sources



The presentation of the research method is accurate



The use of relevant and/or recent studies within the references is recommended



The language used in writing the paper is at an academic level, without grammar mistakes (as much as possible)



Average note/ point (simple arithmetic mean)










            Please give a note between 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) for every of the 9 aspects indicated to be assessed (breaks from 0.25 points can be used: like 3.75).
If you consider that more detailed observations are necessary, mark with an x the appropriate box and write details below (no more than 3 pages).

The paper will be evaluated as follow:

Level of acceptance

Average note/ points

Accepted as submitted

4.01 to 5

Accepted with minor alterations

3.01 to 4

Accepted but only after performing important alterations indicated by reviewer

2.01 to 3


1 to 2


Name                                                                                                               Date