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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Issue no. 1-2 / 2004  

  Abstract:  Science and faith in postmodernism. At the begining of the 21st century, the physician faces a mixture of science, medical art and professional ethics. How shall we understand art in a period when medical practice is dominated by science? It is usually maintained that basically medical art represents only the capacity of adapting science to man. Is it sufficient? Then the necessity of dialogue appears. If it adopts a complementary attitude (that is starting from the initial admission of the difference between the various categories of scientific knowledge) we will perhaps have the mast efficient from of acting upon the understanding of the world. A were scientific attitude without creation deprives it of the humane sense, leading the professionist to the edge of the existence, because the climax of life is its own sense, and we, scientifically and artistically competitive, have to tend forwards it.  
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