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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. 1 / 2005  

Authors:  D. FULEA, C. COSMA.
  Abstract:  This paper presents an alternative method for efficiency and resolution calibration of the gamma systems. Based on the best algorithms of two data acquisition softwares (Assayer provided by Canberra Company and Gamma 2000 provided by Silena Company), quantitative gamma analysis was also made. These softwares are frequently used in the specific laboratories. The measurements were performed on two gamma NaI(Tl) analyzers. Both systems contain NaI(Tl) detectors coupled with PC cards (Tennelec PCAP model and 93xx model, installed on PC ISA port) as multichannel analyzers. For accomplishing gamma analytical tasks, Assayer respectively Gamma2000 as Windows based MCA softwares were used. For rapid calculations, we developed a relatively short program written entirely in Java (J2SE - free released by Sun Microsystems Inc. ). Finally, a comparison of quantitative analysis using this alternative method and the two softwares, above mentioned, has been made.  
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