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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. 1 / 2003  

Authors:  T. ILIESCU.
  Abstract:  FT Raman spectrum of potassium-benzylpenicillin (PBP) solid state and normal Raman spectrum of its solution were recorded in order to put in evidence some change of molecucular structure. The vibrational modes were assigned by comparison with infrared spectrum of PBP. Surface-enhanced Raman spectrum of PBP in silver colloid was also recorded and compared with Raman spectrum of its solution. Was found that PBP molecule is absorbed through carboxylate group on silver surface. Thiazolidine and beta-lactam groups were found to be oriented approximately parallel to metallic surface. The amide group is tilted oriented with respect metalic surface. Benzene ring is not bonded direct to the surface and is oriented perpendicular to it. The electromagnetic mechanism plays an important roll in the enhancement of the Raman bands of PBP.  
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