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    STUDIA MUSICA - Issue no. 2 / 2008  
  Article:   FUNERAL SONGS.

Authors:  ÉVA PÉTER.
  Abstract:  The traditional reformed community has many customs related to the three-day mourning of the dead, the period between the time of death and the time of burial. Musical performances are a crucial part of this mourning period. According to the practices of the reformed tradition, funeral songs are performed during the wake, the cortege and at the grave. The musical repertoire consists mainly of songs from the hymnbook, but the melody of these songs can also be used with other funeral lyrics. The origin of certain songs is still unknown. We can however distinguish local variations and anonymous productions. Some funeral lyrics use melodies from different church songs, psalms or hymns. In the following study, we intend to reveal the songs that are present solely in the traditional folklore, but that are similar to church songs as far as their style and characteristics are concerned. Our study will present the historical and musical aspects of this repertoire with the help of twelve melody samples.

Keywords: funeral, songs, reformed, psalms, hymns, folklore, church, historical, musical.
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