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    STUDIA MUSICA - Issue no. 1 / 2010  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  Martin Luther, this Holy man, has dedicated his entire life, to the understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ, in a wonderful way. Not to require wrong doing, not to take vengeance, to offer the other cheek, not to resist evil, to give the cloak along with the coat, to go two miles for one, to give to every one that asks, to lend to him who borrows, to pray for persecutors, to love enemies, to do good to them that hate, etc.2, as Christ himself teaches. The protestant choral was one of his preferred ways of the manifestations of his sorrows. The strength of his words was transformed into music, as he, himself explained: I learned this of the poet Virgil, who has the power so artfully to adapt his verses, and his words to the story he is telling; in like manner must Music govern all its notes and melodies by the text.3

Keywords: Martin Luther, the preacher, the composer.
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