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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 2 / 2011  


In the natural evolution of the physico - geographical factors, an essential role is that of the relief changes. It cumulates a series of features of other components such as the petrographical structure, soil type, vegetation coverage, vegetation type, the type of climate and water drainage. Rains, especially torrential ones, carry out a mechanical action on the soil, at first as solifluction, then dissolution and transport towards the slope base. Rains, mostly torrential ones, carry out a special mechanical action upon the soil, of displacement and transport of solid particles. Pluvial - denudation, the dispersed liquid leaking and stream drainage (which produces channels) are the main energetic components of surface soil erosion. The organization of concentrated liquid flow, in the form of micro – currents, giving rise to ephemeral floods in small basins, typically with a high value of turbidity, leads to the development and increasing of gully erosion. The higher or lower slope of the relief, the higher or lower strength of rocks, the presence or absence of vegetation, combined or separated, may form causes that may hinder or favor the formation of solid flow and the development of torrential bodies in the Şieu river basin. A particular aspect is represented by the steep slopes of the Şieu valley between Sărăţel and Şieuţ, as well as its tributaries from the area, but also parts of the left side slope of the valley between the Sărăţel and Şieu townships. Slopes in these sectors have not reached an equilibrium profile thus being subject to processes of collapse and active landslides. In this way, temporary and locally, flowing waters get loaded with large amounts of silt in suspension, which clog up footbridges and small bridges, causing the flooding of localities (Budac, Domneşti, Sântioana and Şieu).

Keywords: soil erosion, gully erosion, slope, Şieu River

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