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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2005  

Authors:  C. CIUREAN.
  Abstract:  The Geographic-Pysical Individuality of the Intercarpathian Link. The Intercarpathian Link has consecrated itself in the speciality literature as an alignment of crystalline, volcanic knolls and hillock units, which is imposed through its position both as a linking bridge between the Apuseni Mountains and the Eastern Carpathians, and as a transitional strip between the Transylvanian Depression and the Western Hills. In the individualization of the Intercarpathian Link a determinant role have the geological and tectonic factors. This unit has functioned as a geological barrier between the Pannonian and Transylvanian Basin. As regards geographical-physical aspect, the subunits of the Intercarpathian Link have a series of common characteristics, which permit its individualization in relation to the adjacent units. From the climatic point of view, the Intercarpathian Link at macroterritorial level, has the role of a "gate" for the circulation of the air masses, including at the level of the elevated units, which, local, play the role of climatic dams.  
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