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    STUDIA EPHEMERIDES - Issue no. 1 / 2011  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  The Reflection in the Media of the European Construction Process. The paper explores how the model of European society is shaped and promoted through mass media. In analyzing the current context of the evolution of European construction and the institutional space of the media, I focused on two issues - (i) an analysis on three levels, namely national, transnational - within EU, and the EU''''s external relations as an entity, and (ii) within the aforementioned analysis, the study of four comprehensive and significant elements for the reflection in the media of the European construction: - At the national level, the functioning of UBB Radio that has as main goal to promote the core values of the EU and to make public the construction processes of the Union. - At the transnational level - within the European Union, the reflection in the media of an important event in the life of the EU - the second referendum for the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, as presented by five important TV news channels: BBC World News, France 24, Deutsche Welle TV Europe, Euronews and CNN International Europe. - At the European Union level, the promotion of the Union, of the European values, through a Franco-German TV station with a special media profile and a particular role, namely channel Arte. - At the EU''''s external relations level, the way the EU outlines itself as a global economic player, as a landmark of culture and civilization, and as a geopolitical, military and international security actor, as illustrated in the news bulletins of five important TV news stations, namely CNN International Europe, Al Jazeera English, CCTV News, Russia Today and Euronews.

Keywords: European Union, mass media, TV news channels, ARTE - a European cultural television channel, UBB Radio
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