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    STUDIA CHEMIA - Issue no. 3, Tom II / 2016  

  Abstract:  Considering the increase of bottled mineral water consumption all over Europe, there is a growing interest related to its chemical composition and quality, especially for the elements that are not regularly monitored. This study reports the chemical composition of 21 bottled natural mineral waters available on the Romanian market. The studied mineral waters have low mineral contents (50-500 mg/l), except one, that was found to be rich in salts (>1500 mg/l). Generally, high bicarbonate contents (>600 mg/l) were found in the carbonated and partially degassed mineral waters, while the contents of sulfates and chlorides were low. The Piper diagram revealed that most of the waters are Ca-HCO3 type. Compared to the threshold limits, all samples comply with the legislated limits for natural mineral waters and the majority complies also with the requested standards for drinking water. The determined parameters were found to be in good agreement with those reported on the label. 

Keywords: bottled natural mineral water, chemical composition, major and trace elements
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