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    STUDIA CHEMIA - Issue no. 2 / 2004  

Authors:  CĂLIN I. ANGHEL.
  Abstract:  The purpose of this paper is to present some methods available for performing reliability analysis. There are three main objectives. The first focuses on the fundamental link between safety and risk managing or evaluation. The second present the importance of sensitivity and probabilistic uncertainty analysis on complex technological or structural systems. The last introduces one’s own procedure, hybrid cyclic recursive method, suitable for engineers in the stage of a preliminary risk analyze. It focuses on the reliability assessment concept. Finally the study reveals a comparative assessment for the probability of failure implicit for reliability of a tank under technological loads and design parameters. The study estimates the risk of damage as a measure for the safety. Highly values for most probable point (MPP) lead to low values for the risk of failure. This threshold value is a key factor for engineers to decide when the structures become unsafe. The method is established to predict the probability of failure such as the limit-state in risk and reliability analysis. This type of study is suitable for structural or chemical engineers to work out optimal inspection and maintenance schedules, to avoid major technological incidents.  
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