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    STUDIA CHEMIA - Issue no. 1 / 2004  
  Article:   IN MEMORIAM ZSAKÓ IOAN (JÁNOS) (1926 – 2001).

  Abstract:  The brilliant scientist Professor Zsakó Ioan (János) was born on January 22, 1926, and died on August 7, 2001, in his natal town Cluj-Napoca. He was educated at “Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Sciences, Chemistry Department, where he graduated as a chemist in 1948. He studied for his Ph.D. with the famous scientist Academician Professor Raluca Ripan in the field of complex protolytic equilibria in aqueous solutions, particularly about physico-chemical investigations of phosphoric acids and his Ph.D. degree was awarded in 1956. As well as being a world-class scientist, he was a great teacher. He was appointed assistent in 1950 and lecturer in 1955 at “Bolyai" University, where he taught students in Hungarian language. In 1959, when “Bolyai" University was united with “Babes" University (with Romanian language for the students instruction), he was nominated associated professor (reader) at the “Babes -Bolyai" University, where he taught in both Romanian and Hungarian languages. In l990 he was appointed full professor at the same university in Cluj-Napoca, physical chemistry department. Later, in 1991, he was retired and nominated as a consultant professor remaining active in research and teaching activities as well as being supervisor for Ph. D. students untill his death. He taught general chemistry and physical chemistry, such as kinetics, electrochemistry, chemical structure, thermodynamics, and quantum chemistry both in Romanian and Hungarian languages. He also taught courses abroad, e.g., chemical structure, quantum chemistry and quantum mechanics in French language at the University in Constantine, Alger (1972-1976). Then, in l992, he was invited professor at Politechnic Institute in Budapest, Hungary, for two months and had a special course of quantum chemistry.  
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