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    STUDIA BIOETHICA - Issue no. 2 / 2009  

  Abstract:  As a part of medical ethics the patient-physician relationship has known peculiar evolution. The individuation, the human being autonomy and inviolability on the one hand and the technical achievements of medical science on the other hand, changed deeply that special type of relationship. In spite of deontological cods and regulations these relations has to keep the gold standards which was founded at the time when the Christianity in the spirit of Christian charity bided the first hospital establishments. In the same spirit our paper underlined the relation between medical ethics and Christian morality through evocation of N.C. Paulescu, the great Romanian scientist who marked the medical science evolution, underlining in the same time the ethical basis of medical praxis. To establish the principle of ethics Paulescu took into account three elements; hospital, patient and physician. His conclusion is that the ethic basis of patient-physician relationship is Christian charity in which the trust of patient, on the one hand and the physicians empathy, availability and devotion on the other hand, has to be the key of behavior in medical activity.

Keywords: medical ethics, Christian charity, hospital
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