The periodical Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai came into being in 1956, in Cluj, under the name of The Bulletin of "V. Babeş" and "Bolyai" Universities (Buletinul Universitatilor "V.Babes" si "Bolyai" cu seria Stiinte Sociale) and started with the series Social Sciences (vol. I, Nr. 1-2).The Bulletin of " V. Babeş" and "Bolyai" Universities and its series Natural Sciences (vol. II, No. 1-2) (Buletinul Universitatilor "V. Babeş" si "Bolyai" cu seria Stiintele Naturii (vol. II, Nr. 1-2))was published the next year, 1957. The editorial board included, among others, Acad. Prof. Constantin Daicoviciu, Prof. Stefan Peterfi and Eugen Pora, corresponding members of the Romanian Academy. This unique volume appeared, simultaneously, in Romanian and Hungarian and it included Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography and Biology chapters, which, starting with volume III, in 1958, became distinct fascicles.

The series Biologia of the Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai periodical appeared in 1958 under the name Tomus III. Nr. 7 1958. Studia Universitatum Victor Babes et Bolyai, series II, fascicle 2 - Biologia. Cluj.

The editorial board included as responsible publishers the Acad. Prof. Constantin Daicoviciu and Prof. Takacs Lajos and other editorial members like Acad. Prof. Emil Petrovici, Acad. Prof. Raluca Ripan, Prof. Peterfi Istvan, Prof. Eugen Pora, all corresponding members of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Csendes Zoltan, Prof. Laszlo Tihamer, Prof. Marton Gyula, Prof. Alexandru Rosca, Lect. Virgil Cîmpianu, Lect. Felszeghy Odon, Lect. Kallos Miklos, Lect. Iosif Pervain and Lect. Andrei Roth.
The publication rate was of one annual fascicle between 1958-1959, 1975-1976 and 1982-1986. The rest of the publication periods, till present time, the periodical has been issued in two annual fascicles.

Between 1959-1961, the publication was given the name of Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai, series II, fascicle 2 - Biologia. Cluj, and beginning with 1962, the issue of the series (II) is replaced by "Biologia" .

Acad. Prof. St. Pascu (1969-1976), Prof. I. Vlad (1977-1984), Prof. A. Negucioiu (1985-1989), Acad. Prof. Prof. I. Haiduc (1990-1992) and Prof. A. Marga (1993-1995) followed Acad. Prof. C-tin. Daicoviciu as lead publishers. Beginning with 1996, the editorial board of the Biologia series is reorganized and it would include Prof. N. Coman, Prof. V. Cristea, Prof. M. Dragan-Bularda (editorial secretary), Prof. S. Kiss (coordinator editor), Prof. I. Pop, Prof. N. Tomescu, Lect. C. Tarba, researcher St. I. G. Racovita, and as editorial general secretary Prof. L. Albu.

Presently, the editorial board includes five members of the Romanian Academy: Prof. Octavian Popescu, PhD, "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Prof. Peterfi Leontin Stefan, PhD, "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Dan Munteanu, PhD, the branch of the Romanian Academy from Cluj-Napoca, Anca Simu, PhD, the Institute of Cytology and Cellular Pathology Bucharest, C.P.I. Dr. Gh. Racovita, the branch of the Speleology Institute of the Romanian Academy from Cluj-Napoca.