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    STUDIA PHILOSOPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2016  

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  Abstract:  The Spinozian Letter about Eternity. Many of works have revealed what is the experience of the third kind of knowledge in Spinoza’s writings. Still, it has not been yet pointed out how a new method of speaking can generate a new way of living, meaning the knowledge of essence which gives birth to Beatitude. The issue at stake is the following: how the Ethic can make me feel the sense of eternity? Thus, if Spinoza rejects at first the common use of words, that does not mean that we have to forget language itself. Further, we should structure words as ideas are ordered, to underline the expressive nature of Substance. This is what Spinoza intends to do with the mos geometricus method, I think, and by then concepts can help me to perceive what is invisible absolutely or sensitively, that means either God (Substance) either a formal idea. What is left of the Ethic’s reading? The experience of infinity is everyone’s responsibility; and Spinoza’s masterpiece, though his genius mediation between words and ideas nature, only can give bravery to those who have already felt eternity, but are still stuck in the fear of external causes and produce, by then, false affirmations following a hallucination experience. As a consequence, the lector should keeps in mind that he has to read at first the Teatise of the Emendation of the Intellect before the Ethic, since the very concept of a true idea in the TEI determines the plan of affirmative essences in the fifth book of the Ethic through the demonstrations – the eyes of the Soul.

Keywords: Spinoza, knowledge, eternity, concept, grammar.
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