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    STUDIA PHILOSOPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2012  

Authors:  LÁSZLÓ GÁL.

Our paper starts from a conclusion issued in a former paper regarding the issue of examination of imagery not necessarily consisting in how one looks at the way pictures become statements with truth values but rather at how images are transferred to statements and receive truth functional connections within the framework of logic, thereby losing their pictorial specificity. We have thus found a way of achieving this by specifically following the pictorial reasoning through the more accurate non-linguistic way of interpretation. To this end we have used C.S. Peirce’s existential graphs Alfa theory, and correlated the graph reasoning constants to logical statements without having to resort to the concept of truth. Our thread of inquiry followed the architecture design phases of the project for The Promenade Cultural Centre of Cluj, from inception from beginning of March to end of April 2010. This process has been used to identify the steps of the existential graphs inference within Peirce’s theory, only to realize that this theory alone is inaccurate for a complex architectural design despite our exhaustive and comprehensive investigation. Eventually, our results tried to connect the architectural design with language negation and conjunction.

Keywords: reasoning; picture reasoning; linguistic and non-linguistic; architectural and non-architectural and ( & or (v), non (~); existential graphs; reasoning mental faculties.

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