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    STUDIA HISTORIA - Issue no. 1-2 / 2008  

  Abstract:  Christianity and Modernity. The paper discusses the relationship between Christianity and modernity, arguing that the secularization manifest during the past few centuries has removed the traditional religious discourse from the public space. The author starts from the premise that the contemporary debates on the relationship between Christianity and modernity are less than resounding, and that they are characterized by differences of scholarly opinions on the interpretations to the major changes underwent by European society, especially during the past two centuries. Seemingly confusing, this diversity of points of view nevertheless managed to stir the interest of theologians, academics, and of the general public in matters pertaining to the religious destiny of Europe. The contemporary world is mentally conditioned by five hundred years of changes, as modernity meant first and foremost the gradual emergence of an anthropocentric view and the separation, to the point of fracture, between State and Church. Most people contend today that the gap between society and Christianity could be bridged by taking into account the major and positive acquisitions of civilization, by involving the Christian Churches in the approach to the serious ethical issues of daily life. At the same time, the Churches are not being consulted on matters of policy, and the younger generations seem increasingly detached from the ecclesiastic institutional structures, leading to crises and disruptions within society.

Keywords: History of Religions, History of Ideologies, Modern Epoch, Christian Faith, Modernization
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