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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2010  
  Article:   WORDS ABOUT CITY.

Authors:  V. ZOTIC.
  Abstract:  City is practically a human swarm, the place where one strives for a reasonable lifestyle, the nest where he feels at home, where temperature reaches its optimum, where he can store products, where he works, where he loves, where he raises his children. Concrete, bitumen, steel, glass, cables and pipes, various networks crossing one another, eventually achieving a coherent functional infrastructure unit. The neon light, commercials that simply attract and delight our eyes, restaurants, exhibitions, Christmas presents offered from the heart, or even dirty rooms full of millions of harlots... People, interests, communication and a web of interrelations everywhere… It smells like people, poor communities spreading a natural agglomerated gutter flavour or richness with fine perfumes and tobacco, luxurious motorcars supported by who knows from, what and how… There are people mistakably believing that man and the cities he built are the essence of the world and that there is nothing he cannot solve. Reality, however, proves to be quite different since man and its cities are just a mere irregularity of the ecosphere, mere human nests, for man remains, after all, an animal species among primates, as dependent on the environment as any other organism.  
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