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    STUDIA DIGITALIA - Issue no. 1 / 2018  

  Abstract:  In the digitalization era, the notion of gamification appeared in every field of activity. Experimenting gamification of programming hours by practitioners and teachers in the 2017-2018 school year at the 5th grade is part of the research area related to identifying ways to improve student engagement and skills for lifelong learning. The article will present the outcome of this pilot experiment, which aims to track the evolution of pupils during the project, by analyzing and comparing the results from the initial evaluation with those from the final evaluation. The purpose of the article is, on one hand, to contribute to the literature with new results in the field of digitization of the teaching-learning activities through gamification, and, on the other hand, to present a new teaching instrument used to streamline the instructive-educational process at the fifth grade students, within the Computer Science, which is now a mandatory object. The experiment was conducted in accordance with the Creative Computing curriculum created by the ScratchEd team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Keywords: digital literacy, coding literacy, programming, gamification, Scratch.
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