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    STUDIA CHEMIA - Issue no. 1 / 2007  
  Article:   LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 2002-2007.

  Abstract:  Ionel Haiduc 1,1-Dithiolato ligands and related selenium and tellurium compounds in vol. Handbook of Chalcogen Chemistry. New Perspectives in Sulfur, Selenium and Tellurium Edited by F.A. Devillanova, Royal Society of Chemistry, London, 2007, pag. 593-643. 2006 Marius Campian, Ionel Haiduc and Edward R. T. Tiekink Bis(O-benzyl dithiocarbonato-S,S)bis(3-methylpyridine-N)nickel(II) Acta Cryst. 2006, E62, m3516–m3517. Ionel Haiduc, Hemant K. Sharma and Keith H. Pannell Organolead Chemistry in vol. Lead. Chemistry, analytical aspects, environmental impact and health effects Edited by José S. Casas and José Sordo, Elsevier Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 2006, pag. 100-157. Ionel Haiduc, Gellert Mezei, Rodica Micu-Semeniuc, Frank T. Edelmann, Axel Fischer Differing Coordination Modes of (O-Alkyl)-p-Ethoxyphenyldithiophosphonato Ligands in Copper(I), Silver(I) and Gold(I) Triphenylphosphine Complexes Z. anorg. Allg. Chem. 2006, 632 (2) 295-300.  
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