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    STUDIA BIOETHICA - Issue no. 1 / 2013  

Authors:  IONEL PAPUC.
  Abstract:   Modulation of Physical Stress, through a Phyto Energetical Preparation, Containing Schisandra Chinensis. Background. Energetic phytotherapy has proven to have beneficial effect on anxiety and blood cortisol, being regarded as a liquid acupuncture (LA). Aims. Through this study, we aimed to evaluate the modulation of stress induced by an intense and short term physical effort on sedentary persons. Methods. Chosen subjects (n = 22) were selected based on the requirements of the study. Stress was represented by an short term physical effort, achieved with a cycloergometer 839e Monark Ergomedic. State of anxiety and salivary cortisol were the evaluated parameters. Chosen phytotherapic preparation content Schisandra chinensis (SSP). Statistical evaluation was done on the basis of Student test. Results. State of anxiety and salivary cortisol were reduced immediately pre-and poststress for subjects who were administered SSP, compared with subjects who did not follow any treatment. Conclusions. 1) State of anxiety and salivary cortisol were significantly reduced in the immediately pre-and post effort moments, under the SSP influence, compared to the untreated subjects. 2) SSP influence on the state of anxiety is significantly more intense than on salivary cortisol, in the immediately pre-and poststress moments. 3) There were differences between the treated and untreated subjects , both for dynamic evolution of anxiety and salivary cortisol. 4) SSP could be used in modulation of stress caused by a short term physical effort, in sedentary persons.

Keywords: Stress, Intense physical exertion, Anxiety, Salivary cortisol, Energetic phytotherapy, Schisandra chinensis
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