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    STUDIA AMBIENTUM - Issue no. 1-2 / 2008  

  Abstract:  Elaborated in 1989-2006, at the Agricultural Research Station in Turda (The Romanian Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences), in central Transylvania, the paper is a synthesis of the research on the plant protection and environmental applied domain of entomology and ecology. The paper presents data on the pests and useful arthropod fauna, biological and agro-ecological aspects, experimental field trials for pest control and preventive measures, in order to achieve the integrated control system of the main species damaging wheat crops, to protect and use the natural reservoir of entomophagous in cereal agro-ecosystems. The reason for this study has been the knowledge progress in the entomological research domain concerning the agricultural production safety by the development of the pest control technologies, the management of biological resources from agro-ecosystems, the increase and quality of the agricultural productions, in concordance with the concept of sustainable development, under the present climatic and agro-ecological changes.

Keywords: wheat flies, cereal leaf beetle, aphids, leafhoppers, trips, predators
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