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    STUDIA AMBIENTUM - Issue no. 1 / 2011  

  Abstract:  The potential hazard of exposure of the general population at working places and in homes to radon (222Rn) and its decay products are based on quantification of induced aberrations at DNA level. So, the relationship between radiation and the induced effects to this kind of radiation is very important. In Radon exposure, the effects of low doses are usually much smaller than those for high doses, making it much more difficult to assess risks/effects due to inherent methodological/sensitivity of detection limits. RADOSIV 2 give us the possibility to study different kind of biological sample, at different doses of alpha particle, respecting the time interval, starting from very low concentrations until higher Radon concentrations. In this way are facilitate the research in biology, radiation biology, and radiation physics by modeling and improving understanding of molecular, cellular mechanisms of both cancer and non-cancer diseases induced by radiation.

Key words: Radon exposure, experimental setup, radiation
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