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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Ediţia nr.1-2 din 2001  

Autori:  DOREL MAN.
  Rezumat:  Confession and Sacramental Responsibility. Considered from the print of view of the sacramental life of the Church, the Confession is a special blessing by which the bishop allows the minister to take arowals, to give or not the believer absolvation from sins. The term "confession" includes both the science of confessions, as theory, as well as the art of confession, that is the practic of it, through the Sacred Mystery of Arowal. The minister exerts the service of confession at the believer’s special request, as the believer intends to acknowledge of his/her sons and wants to disclose the dimensions of life and existence, body and soul. The ways through which the father confessor puts into work the Mystery of Arowal are manifold and conditioned by the diversity of human subjects, children, youth, old people, men and women, sound and ill people. Man’s aim is to inherit the Kingdom of God and to live in it (Matthew 29, 34; I Corinthians 6, 9) and the father confession’s vocation consists in praying for the penitent’s forgivance, to take in secrecy his/her confession, to help and counsel him/her, to grove absolution from sins and the Eucharist.  
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