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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Ediţia nr.1-2 din 2000  

  Rezumat:  Hymns and Mysteries to Qumran-exegetical problem. The Baptismal Hymns are interesting in themselves, particularly because of the importance of the subject they Freat. The period of the Dead Sea scrolls was apparently a time of extensive development in the area of liturgy, as these examples and the published Hymns from Cave 1 suggest. This was probably also true of Rabbinic tradition, which was beginning its development in this period as well. The Hymns of the Poor are related to the Psalms from the Bible. There is at best a fine between them. The Chariots of Glory contains some of the most beautiful and emotive vocabulary in the entire Qumran repertoire, it to emphasize its connections with Ezekiel’s visions and Merkabah mysticism. It is a work of such dazzling faith and ecstatic vision that it fairly over whelms the reader. The use of the word a-lory in texts such as these is not only interesting because of parallel New Testament usages, but also because of allusions like those in Josephus description of the beginnings of the Zelot movement. It also once more confirms the total messianic thrust of the entire corpus.  
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