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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Ediţia nr.2 din 2010  

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  Rezumat:  Integration of Moscow into the Global Cities System. This survey presents the major problems which the capital of Russia faces in the process of its integration into the system of world cities. The research work is based on description, systematization and analysis of vast actual data on Moscow. In the first section of the paper the concept of world global cities is being studied in its most important aspects. The classifications of world global centers are listed and the positions of four leading cities (London, New York, Paris and Tokyo) in the international community are briefly described. In the second section the attention is concentrated on the significance of the Russian capital and its role among other global centers. It is investigated in detail according to different indicators, such as demographic potential, gross domestic product, connectivity and cumulative index of global cities. The close survey of all the characteristics taken into consideration vividly shows the fact that in terms of international integration Moscow is among the “outlying districts”. The third section is devoted to the analysis of the key factors of influence on the development of the Russian capital. It was carried out in three levels. Firstly the position of Moscow in the world community was defined. Then the same was fulfilled for the capital of Russia in comparison to the rest of Russian cities. After that the most important factors of development were overviewed directly on the Moscow city level, which is the most complicated with all its contradictions and conflicts in demography, architecture and planning, social and economical live. The final part of the survey states the fact, that Moscow present development as a part of world global cities system has in its basis the principle of following the main stream rather than taking the lead over the process.

Keywords: system of global world cities, Moscow, the City of Moscow, international rates of cities, problems of development, the 2000-es. 

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