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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Ediţia nr.2 din 2001  

Autori:  A. HORVÁTH.
  Rezumat:  The Development of Tourism in Tusnad Spa. The present study deals with the touristic phenomenon in Tuşnad Spa. The history of this balneoclimatic resort goes back 150 years, its origin being due to the uprushing of the mineral waters in the gorge of the Olt river. The area of the springs was leased by a joint-stock company from the Tusnad public landowner association. The natural therapeutic factors (mineral waters, mofettes, stimulating, delightful bioclimate) have attracted investments aiming the organisation of touristic activities. Since the end of the 19th century lodgings (villas) and restaurants have been built which were completed from the 1970s by establishing hotel accomodation and a modern therapeutic centre. The importance of the resort and the favourable potential of traffic made possible that in 1934 the Spa gained administrative independence from Tusnad village and later in 1968 it became an urban settlement, being Romania`s smallest town. Since 1989 the resort has been struggling with problems of privatization and economic restructuring. The obstacles of development are brought about by the delayed economic reform and the legislative distraction of possesion. The lack of provisions regarding the rehabilitation of the built environment also has an impact on the dynamics of accomodation as well as on tourism. In order to make the resort competitive on the touristic market, a regional developmental strategy with integrated projects is needed to involve external financing (the PHARE, SPP and SAPARD programmes of the EU) and to encourage investment in tourism.  
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