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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Ediţia nr.1 din 2008  

  Rezumat:  Waste incineration. The incineration. Due to extreme diversity of waste, such as structure, consistency, water content and chemical composition the incineration is a complex process which must use adequate technologies. After the usual inspection the vehicles are sent to the transfer station, were the waste are unloaded and stored in temporary storage area. The wastes are loaded in incinerator with the loading installation. Choosing the waste incineration process depends from: waste type, compatibility with environmental protection, economical efficiency. Special condition imposed by a process depends from the type of treatment required: elimination, energy recovery, recyclable materials recovery. The process can be classified according to incineration procedure: a) incineration process were the organic component is totally oxidized in C-organic and water; pyrolisis and gasification process can be made in one combustion chamber; b) process of degasification/pyrolisis is necessary to add heat and elimination of oxygen such as the components with complex molecular structure are reduced to simple structure;-process of gasification in which controlled volume of gas contained oxygen is added for partial oxidation of organic material. In general, the processes are combined, pyrolisis process and gasification taking place inside the process of incineration against the current; hydration processes represent a special variant of thermo-treatment in which hydrogen is added a high temperature to stimulate the reaction. Anyway all the processes have in common the necessity for residual gas cleaning. The main purpose of incineration is thermo decomposition and waste mineralizing. Beside gas and dust emissions resulted from waste incineration can be also found: ash/slag, dust from gas cleaning, substances resulted from reactions in gas cleaning facilities, inert absorbent materials, inert catalytic mass, waste water and other residues;  
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