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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Ediţia nr.1 din 2001  

Autori:  I. MAC, D. PETREA.
  Rezumat:  Geography-Semiological Approach. The study deals first with the methodological implications of the semiological approach in Geography. Semiology or semiotics, represents a multidisciplinary direction of research which aims is to integrate everything that, in the existing scientific disciplines, refers to the sign. This opportunity, less explored in Geography until present, seems to be an efficient, expeditive and expressive mean to describe the tendencies of evolution within the complex geographical systems. Therefore, the origin and the peculiarities of the method are described, focusing the interest over the nature and the semnification of the geographical "signs". Within this frame, a typology of geographical signs is proposed and the criterias demanded for their recognition and interpretation are emphasized. Secondly, the concepts were explored in order to describe the deep transformations which are acting in the romanian geographical landscape due to the radical changes that took place in the last decade. The "signs" of changing can be founded everywhere; the increasing rate of the mass movements and floods caused by deforestisation, the industrial destructuration, the rural space decline, the alteration of the national symbols and traditions etc, are extremely relevant proccesses in the present and their meaningful "signs" helped us to describe a moving geographical reality, in its concrete representation which define the "landscape of transition."  
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