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    STUDIA EPHEMERIDES - Ediţia nr.1 din 2002  

  Rezumat:  Speculative Knowledge. If we have a close look at the evolution of social science we can see that, after a long period of co-habitation with philosophy, linguistics and other socio-human fields of research, followed by a period of powerful struggle within this space of knowledge, nowadays the trend is to return at the core which is shared of all these disciplines. Of course, there are many voices out there who want to promote the discrepancies and the importance of getting a certain label that "make" you sociologist, anthropologist, ethnographer etc., but when in the middle of investigations is situate the human being, what is really important is to get the access at this object and subject of investigation and not the "name" that you have. In so called late-modernity if you are stick in a specific tools of investigations of a certain domains of research which are provided by your academic socialization, and do not have the courage to open the "professional" cage for supplements from outside the big true will still remain unrevealed. Thru our paper we will try to see some alternative ways that can help us to be in the proximity of the other and more than that, to get some real insights in his world.  
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