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    STUDIA BIOETHICA - Ediţia nr.2 din 2009  

  Rezumat:  An embryo, from the hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos, has the chance of waking up to live in the wound ready to receive it. What has the future in stall for it? Will it have a mother and a father… three mothers and no father… two dads and no mother? Will its mother be young and beautiful or will it be just like its desk mate’s grand mother? Will it be born like all the other babies or will it first find itself in the wound of a rabbit or a pig? Will it satisfy the expectations of its parents? Will it be something special, unique, and unrepeatable or will it is the copy of a handsome brother, born ten or twelve years ago, that can draw, sing and resolve complicated equations? Will it walk on the street, holding its mother and father hand or will it look confused at its two dads or two moms, not knowing who is who, not knowing who to give flowers to on 8 march or who to sing to ”My beautiful mother, my first heaven, please make a miracle…” No, it is worth having all this thoughts. It would be better if it would be born in a sophisticated aquarium-like box and decide later on what its family will be like. In the future, when no one will see him, he will sing alone:”why did you give me away, why did you give me away?” I was cold when they froze me at -180 degrees, I am still cold now. What’s worse? Not to know or not to care? I don’t know and I don’t care!

Keywords: Embryo, mother, fertilization
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